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Is Turtle oil good for tanning?

It is always fun to go to the beach, especially during summer. You can do many fun activities, playing with the seawater, beach’s sands, and sunbathing; all which can make your tanning goal true. The tricky side about tanning is that if you don’t do right, you will get sunburned instead of exotic tanned skin. Here, you do need the right product before you go through the tanning program. The products containing turtle oil is one of the option available for tanning.

Avoid the damage of the sun

Turtle oil has been long used by the indigenous people in America to protect their skin from the damage of the sun’s aggression. The summer sun’s heat will not only bring coloration to your skin into the tanned ones, but may also damage your skin cells. Turtle oil contains vitamin E which will perfect for tanning oil. Vitamin E in turtle oil will works as an antioxidant protecting the skin from the pollutants and healing the damages which has been done by the UVA and UVB from the bright summer sun.


Not only for tanning skin, turtle oil is also a great moisturizer for your skin. During the summer, especially if you go to the beach for tanning, your skin may get dry and thus trigger dull skin and wrinkles. With its high moisturizing ability, you can go through summer and tanning process while maintaining your moisturized and healthy skin.

Basically, there is no pure turtle oil available today. However, you can find turtle oil products which has been mixed with other essential ingredients for your skin such as additional vitamin E and shark oil. Definitely the additional ingredients will only enhance the already a lot of benefits from the turtle oil itself. So, don’t forget to go grab turtle oil for tanning.


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