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Beauty Question: Is Turtle Oil Good for Skin?

Turtle oil has been long known to be natural skincare used by the indigenous people in America. The turtle oil is derived from the extraction of the eggs, muscles, and genital glands of the turtle. Frankly to say, there are no 100% turtle oil product available in the market. Most of the time the turtle oil has been mixed with vitamin E as the ingredients of skincare products. Then the question is emerged, is turtle oil good for skin? Or, in this sense, what the benefits of using turtle oil for your skin?

Protect the skin

Everyday you’ve been going through a face-paced life, exposing your skin to the pollution and sunlight. Without a proper treatment, indeed your skin will be dull and flawed. Turtle oil products help you to fight that common skin problem. Through the process of making, the turtle oil and vitamin E products are developed with active and also effective molecules. The use of turtle oil and vitamin E is good for skin as it protect it from the dryness and sun’s aggression (the UVA and UVB lights). Using turtle oil and vitamin E product will give you moisturized and dull-free skin.

Rejuvenate the Skin

Aside from protecting our skin from the possible damages caused by dryness and sun, the use of turtle oil has been long known to benefit you from early aging. As we’ve talked before, the turtle oil prevents your skin to get the damages from dryness and sun, which are dullness and dryness. The dull and dry skin will bring up wrinkles to your face; making you look a lot older than your age. Hence, using turtle oil is good for you to prevent the early aging. Besides, the turtle oil has been long believed to contain formula which is able to rejuvenate the skin cells, thus it makes those who regularly applying turtle oil having young and healthy skin.

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